Ramsey County Deputy Luke Mickelson and Hennepin County Sheriff Deputy Timothy Inglett Assassinated

picture of a Black man, Winston Smith, with locs wearing a red backwards hat.

Hennepin and Ramsey County Deputies working on the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force murdered Winston Boogie Smith in broad daylight on 6/3/2021 in Minneapolis, MN, only 10 minutes away from where MPD murdered George Floyd.

picture of a car dashboard decorated with flowers and signs that say: 'BELOVED A (heart) REAL DAD, RIP WINSTON SMITH, FUCK THE POLICE'
Picture of city officials putting barricades and taking down a city square.

The murder happened hours after the city attempted to take down George Floyd Square, a memorial site created and maintained by the community.

The U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force had previously executed activist Michael Reinoehl without warning or trying to arrest him first, which Trump bragged about.

screenshot of an Instagram post from the account 'wincemeboi_' with the location tag at Stella’s Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar. And a screenshot of a tweet from @diannaeanderson that says: 'Winston Smith was NOT, as initial headlines stated, a murder suspect. He was wanted on a weapons violation warrant - a much lesser charge for a felon. It appears - though I have not independently confirmed it - that he was snapchatting from dinner at Stella's, a nearby bar.'

Before Winston Smith was murdered, he had posted on social media of his whereabouts, and police were staked out at the location as heard on police scanners. After the murder, the media spread lies that Winston was a murder suspect and later retracted it.

Deputies Luke Mickelson and Timothy Inglett assassinated Winston Smith. The U.S. Marshals Task Force tracked him to a date at Stella's Fish Café and boxed in his car with unmarked vehicles when he returned to a parking structure, killing him and endangering his passenger. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) later released poorly redacted documents exposing Smith's killers, Luke Mickelson and Timothy Inglett. Other news sources in the Twin Cities, including the Star Tribune, have declined to report on Unicorn Riot's identification of these killers in deference to local police.

After the murder, the BCA which is investigating said the officers who killed Winston Smith weren’t ALLOWED to wear bodycams. However, the MN U.S Attorney’s Office has confirmed that this is a lie and this policy was rescinded last year. The BCA later amended to saying they weren’t REQUIRED to wear them.

a screenshot of a document that says: 'In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a Body-Worn Camera (BWC) policy to permit TFOs to utilize body-worn cameras on federal task forces. In February 2021, the U.S. Marshals Service began to phase-in this policy, which continues to be implemented in the District of Minnesota.'

Source: @andrewmannix

Picture of a Black man, Winston Smith, with long locs carrying a child in one hand and hugging another child in the other

Winston Smith was 32 years old when he was murdered by Minneapolis police. He was a beloved comedian, musician and a revolutionary. He left behind three young children.

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Winston was a comedian who was killed after speaking out against police violence.

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